• Cameo Shuto Pettis

    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. (Pablo Picasso)

  • About Cameo

    Cameo Shuto Pettis is a creative fine artist whose work is primarily watercolor, yet does allow herself to stretch and experiment with other mediums. Cameo was born and raised in Wyoming and now lives in Colorado. She has a love of nature and appreciates the natural beauty in the things we take for granted or rather don't really take the time to see.

    Cameo has loved art since her first introduction to it as a child. That love led her to earn a BA in Art from the University of Wyoming. With that foundation she continues to learn and grow as an artist. The simple joy of creating and learning something new is fun. Even more exciting is to be able to share her art with with others. Whether they find the same fun as she derived is not as important as being able to connect to the art for their own reasons.

    Cameo hopes she can bring the joy that we've all experienced as children to each work she creates. The joy art gives us has no boundaries based on age, culture, upbringing; only our human connection. Her works are usually personally relevant to her life and surrounding environment, as seen in her landscapes, still lifes, and florals. She tries to bring some entertaining playfulness as well as a deeper truth to her art. She is hoping viewers can appreciate the differences in the application of colors, shapes, lighting, and values to the finished piece. Cameo's joy of the time-consuming processes to get to the final work brings a connection to you and the work. Each picture is one-of-a-kind because the creative process is never the same: even if you try to recreate something it will be unique into its self.

    Cameo has progressively continued to pursue her artistic career by exhibiting at various galleries, museums, and local juried shows.

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  • Cameo's Resume

    Cameo has been a member of the Arvada Fine Arts Guild (AFAG) since September 2003, and has painted with the Painted Toe Society (PTS) since June 2008

    Current Activities and Shows

    • Eggshell Restaurant in Arvada
    • New West Physicians in Arvada
    • Other AFAG shows throughout Arvada and Metro Area

    Previous Activities and Shows

    • 2004 AFAG Juried Membership Show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
    • 2006 AFAG Juried Membership Show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
    • 2009 AFAG Juried 50th Anniversary Membership Show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
    • Adams County Community Outreach in Thornton 2004-2009
    • Art Cafe Restaurant in Arvada 2008-2009
    • Arvada Motor Vehicle Department Offices
    • Broomfield Auditorium
    • Broomfield Library - One Book One Broomfield: ”The Meadow”
    • Capelli Floral - "Diversity" Painted Toe Society Show Dec 2009 - Jan 2010
    • Lakewood Arts Council's Community Art Center & Gallery (formerly South Union Gallery) in Lakewood
    • Community Art Center & Gallery in Lakewood
    • Community Recreation Center in Arvada
    • Echter's Greenhouse Art Show (Mountianside Art Guild and AFAG) in Arvada 2003-2009
    • Flowers x 2 at Capelli Floral (Painted Toe Society) - April - May, 2010
    • Foothills Art Center - PTS Holiday Market 2009
    • Lakewood Cultural Center "The Artists Choice" 2009
    • Mountainside Miniatures Art Show at the Foothills Art Center 2008
    • Highlands Garden Cafe “Artists Series” in Denver 2006


    BA in Art - 1991 University of Wyoming

    • Printmaking
    • Painting (Oil,Acrylic, Watercolor)
    • Basic Ceramics
    • Fine Art Committee member-helped chair for Spring Symposium
    • Juried Student Art Show 1988- Two works selected
    • Media Shoppe-indoor/outdoor banners, pamphlets & flyers
    • Asian American Student Association member

  • Contact

    Cameo Shuto Pettis

    Arvada, Colo.

    Telephone: 303.431.3795

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